Tournaments & Events

All racquetball events and tournaments offered in Canada must be set up and run through Trackie software.  The use of this platform insures that the event is included in the provincial and national event calendars on the Racquetball BC and Racquetball Canada website,  that the results are included in national and provincial rankings, that all participants are members of Racquetball BC and Racquetball Canada and that everyone is covered by insurance.

Complete instructions on how to set up an event and the link to the platform can be found in this document.

More information about hosting will be added soon. In the meantime, if you have questions about hosting events or tournaments, planning programs and leagues, contact Racquetball BC.


Tournament Rules

Injury and No Show Protocol

What happens if a player forfeits at match either through injury during the match, or by the player’s discretion prior to the match starting?

  1. Once a match has started and a player gets injured, this should be recorded as a injury default loss. This match will be included in the player’s ranking history as an injury default.
  2. A match that is not played and hasn’t started for any reason (injury or anything else) should be entered as a no show and won’t be counted in the ranking.
  3. It is the tournament director’s decision as to whether a player who defaults a match due to an injury or no show, can continue to play in future matches in the tournament.

Round Robin Rules

What happens when there is a tie in a division using a round robin format (i.e., every player plays every other player)? Find out via Racquetball Canada’s Round Robin Rules.