Racquetball Canada Webinar Series

Working Together to Fill Canada's Courts

Join the conversation across a series of four seminars to learn together and collaborate. With our new vision to “Fill Canada’s Racquetball Courts”, the series will create invaluable conversations about partnering to build a stronger and more inclusive sport that provides opportunities for more people of all ages and abilities, everywhere.

Our webinar series will feature guests from diverse backgrounds within the sports and physical activity sector, who along with your participation, will help us explore how to strengthen the sport at the community level and ensure we are truly a sport for all.

Join us on Zoom for any or all of the following events.

Who can / should sign up for the webinars?

All webinars are open to those who wish to see racquetball thrive including facility and club administrators, provincial and community-based volunteers, coaches, officials parents, sport leaders and mentors as well as those who have already made the commitment to be a Club Ambassador.

Where to register?

To register for the webinars, click the button below. You can also contact Kathy Brook, Racquetball Canada’s Executive Director for further information.

Help Build!

Please help us build involvement and promote the webinar series by forwarding this email or by sharing our webinar flyer. Click here to download the webinar series flyer.