We are all Team Canada – Join our Nationals Week Campaign!

For our Canadian Championships Week, we are joining the Canadian Olympic Committee’s (COC) “We are all Team Canada” campaign to support our national team athletes and help bring the racquetball community across Canada together in a virtual way.

Here’s what you can do!

Make a sign

Make a sign with a motivational message to cheer on our national team athletes, our Racquetball  community and your fellow Canadians. Be sure to include “We are all Team Canada”. You can create your own sign, but the COC has some templates that you can download and print.

  1. Letter Size Tile-Style Poster (6 pages) – Colour  
  2. Letter Size Tile-Style Poster (6 pages) – Black & White outline
  3. Letter Size Poster (1 Page) – Colour
  4. Letter Size Poster (1 Page) – Black & White outline
  5. 11 x 17 Poster (1 Page) – Colour
  6. 11 x 17 Poster (1 Page) – Black & White outline

Hang it Proudly

Hang your sign up on your window or your door!

Share & Tag Others

Take a picture of the sign and post it on your social media accounts. Use the #teamcanada hashtag and tag @teamcanada @racquetballcanada, your provincial association or club, your racquetball friends and family (and anyone else!) and encourage them to do the same.

Follow Team Canada, Racquetball Canada, your Provincial Association!

If you really want to show your pride, follow Team Canada, Racquetball Canada and your provincial association or club on your social media accounts. Team Canada and Racquetball Canada are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and most provincial associations are on at least one. See the links that we have provided following the We are all Team Canada video if you are having trouble finding anyone!

Click here to see how others across Canada have participated in the We are All Team Canada.

Click here for virtual We are all Team Canada signs that you can share on your social media accounts.

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