Staff Changes at Racquetball Canada

Communique from Gwen Smoluk, President of Racquetball Canada

Our Executive Director, Donna Harris, provided me with her resignation on Monday, September 23rd.  Her last day in her current role will be December 31, 2019; however, she will remain with the organization on a limited contract till the end of February 2020 and then continue as a volunteer through 2020.

Geri Powell also notified Racquetball Canada of her retirement this summer and will be leaving at the end of the year. With Geri retirement, Racquetball Canada will be hiring new staff  for both positions at the same time.

The plan for interviews and onboarding the new employees is as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 25 the draft job descriptions and job advertisements will go to the board for review (this will include incoming and outgoing board members given that the new board was just voted in).
  • Monday, September 30 the job ads will be posted (on our website, provincial websites, provincial sport funding websites (i.e. Sport Manitoba, etc) and SIRC) with an application deadline of October 20.
  • Interviews will occur in Winnipeg October 28-30 (by skype if necessary) immediately following the board planning session with job offer to follow that week or early the next

We hope that the new hires can spend time with Geri and Donna in December to transition them to their new roles.

Donna will stay on contract equivalent to 8 hours per week for January and February 2020 and then join the board in an ex-officio role through the end of 2020.  Geri will be available to answer questions and provide support on committee calls with the new staff in January and February as well.  Donna’s contract in January and February will focus on supporting the new staff (and the Trackie transition), preparing the Sport Canada application and developing the IST/facilitating the HP summit.

Kind regards,

Gwen Smoluk

Note: Racquetball Canada will formally thank Donna and Geri at a later time, but we appreciate the work that both have done for the organization and thank them for helping us make this transition as easy as possible.