Elimination Round to Begin at World Championships

WINNIPEG, MB, August 14, 2018 – The elimination round at the International Racquetball Federation World Championships will begin Wednesday for Team Canada. The World Championships are taking place in San José, Costa Rica and run from August 10 to 19.

Canada had good results in round robin pool play during the first three days of competition, along with a couple of unexpected losses. Results from the round robin pools are used to seed the athletes for the elimination round, which gets underway on Wednesday August 15.

Samuel Murray of Baie-Comeau was undefeated in singles pool play and goes into the elimination round seeded 6th.

In singles, Coby Iwaasa of Lethbridge and Frédérique Lambert of Montréal each lost one of their pool play matches. Iwaasa lost his toughest match against Colombia’s Mario Mercado by only one point in the tiebreaker and is ranked 9th in the elimination round.

Lambert’s loss against Yasmine Sabja of Bolivia was unexpected and leaves her seeded 10th in the elimination round. Jennifer Saunders of Winnipeg is seeded 22nd.

Tim Landeryou of Calgary is teamed up with Samuel Murray in men’s doubles. The team finished second in their pool and advances to the elimination round seeded 7th. In women’s doubles, Saunders and Lambert have a tougher road ahead of them. The team lost two of their doubles matches in pool play and are seeded 9th in the elimination round.

The event will be live-streamed by the International Racquetball Federation. Links to the draws, results and live-streaming can be found on the International Racquetball Federation website.

2018 World Championships Results

Men Singles Round Robin Play

Round 1

Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Kono Michimune (JAP), 15-2, 15-12;

Mario Mercado (COL) defeated Coby Iwaasa (CAN), 11-15, 15-10, 11-10.

Round 2

Murray defeated Alok Mehta (IND), 15-3, 15-4;

Iwaasa defeated Yash Doshi (IND), 15-1, 15-6.

Round 3

Murray defeated Shai Manzuri (ARG), 15-8, 15-4;

Iwaasa defeated Aaron Booker (PUR), 15-5, 15-10.


Women’s Singles Round Robin Play

Round 1

Yasmine Sabja (BOL) defeated Frédérique Lambert (CAN), 15-9, 15-13;

Natalia Mendez (ARG) defeated Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-7, 15-3.

Round 2

Lambert defeated Alexandra Jemenez (DOM), 15-10, 15-11;

Merynanyelly Delgado (DOM) defeated Saunders, 15-6, 12-15, 11-3

Round 3

Lambert defeated Josefa Parada (CHI), 15-2, 15-1;

Christina Amaya (COL) defeated Saunders, injury default


Men’s Doubles Round Robin Play

Round 1

Conrrado Moscoso / Roland Keller (BOL) defeated Tim Landeryou / Samuel Murray (CAN), 7-15, 15-8, 11-6.

Round 2

Landeryou / Murray defeated Ramon de Leon / Luis Perez (DOM), 15-12, 15-7.

Round 3

Landeryou / Murray defeated Moon Gyun Kim / Dae Yong Kwon (KOR), 15-5, 15-3.


Women’s Doubles Round Robin Play

Round 1 

Valeria Centellas / Yasmine Sabja (BOL) defeated Frédérique Lambert / Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 12-15, 15-12, 11-8.

Round 2

Lambert / Saunders defeated Majella Haverty / Katie Kenny (IRE), 15-5, 15-7.

Round 3

Cristina Amaya / Adriana Riveros (COL) defeated Lambert / Saunders, 15-9, 15-12.


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